Some destinations within two hours from Paris

You are a Francilian and you’d like to know where you can go in less than 2 hours from your residence? Or, you are staying in Paris and want to discover other places, not too far away, but which stand out completely from the French capital? Or, you are a tourist looking for an exceptional destination with easy access, whose distance would be relatively short from Paris where you will stop? We have prepared a selection of top tourist destinations just two hours from Paris.

To begin, we will stay on the French territory, direction Deauville, on the coasts of Normandy. You can get there in less than an hour from Paris by plane. Otherwise, by taking the railway, the journey takes two or three hours. And by road, by car, the distance can be traveled in 3 hours. Deauville is a popular destination for Parisians because of its proximity. It is also because of this important frequentation by the people of the capital that the city obtained the nickname of "Paris on sea". It is a seaside resort where you can find a beautiful beach, clear bathing waters, streets with chic shops and many other places of interest. If you are ready for a trip to Deauville, you can then pick up the right accommodation on my home in Deauville, our favorite there. For apartments in Deauville, here is the place.

If we want to go beyond the French borders, why not cross the Channel tunnel and go to London? From Paris, by plane, we reach London in less than two hours. If other means of transport were chosen, it would take longer, since one would have to take the roads to the north of France, then embark on a ship to cross the Channel, along the Thames for a few kilometers Before disembarking in London. In any case, whether by plane or by any other means, once in Queen Elizabeth's stronghold, there is no shortage of things to see, such as the Tower of London, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, etc.

Always beyond France, but this time towards the east, it is possible to travel to Switzerland, Geneva, always in less than two hours by taking a flight from Paris. Once in this important Swiss metropolis, the wonder will be total in front of the water jet and its bubbles, emblem of the city or in front of the Palais des Nations, or at the Horloge Fleurie and several other places of interest of the city. The four museums of Geneva are absolutely worth a visit, as are the Old Town and the Bains district, which deserve a detour as well as the Carouge which is the "Greenwitch village" of the conurbation.