Lisbon: 2016 tourist destination

Each year, nearly 2 million French people go to Portugal for holiday. All this beautiful little world necessarily involves Lisbon, others are only stopover before heading to other destinations in the country, but many staying for the duration of the holiday, charmed by the beauty and splendor of the city.

Lisbon is “the” tourist destination of the year 2016. The city is relatively easy access to the extent that it is served by several airlines, mostly low-cost, departing from 22 French cities. Staying in Lisbon is cheap. As mentioned before, low-cost is very popular, not only in airlines, but also in hotels. For a Paris-Lisbon flight, it is necessary to count from €20 and for a hotel room, €7 could suffice to enjoy the comfort of a relatively respectable establishment.

Lisbon is also the “white city,” city of light. The almost constant presence of the sun and the river Tage transforms the Portuguese capital into a mirror of a thousand colors, highlighting the architecture and the unique beauty of the city. There are many things to see and to do in Lisbon. Across the city, the history of which goes back thousands of years, we find streets filled with monuments and notable buildings and very old neighborhoods around which the city was first developed. We can still find there an aspect of Lisbon at its most authentic level.

A walk on the waters of the Tagus leads to the famous Belém Tower, an emblematic building of the city. Other major sites of interest are also worth a visit as the Rias Pombalina or Praça do Comércio, not to take souvenir photos with as background the castle of St. George or the entrance of Jeronimos monastery. If you want peace and quiet, the gardens and parks are places where you can rest and relax. Otherwise, if you want action, the beaches are literally two steps away where you can practice various water sports.

In Lisbon, there is everything you need for a dream holiday and all this for a small price. This city deserves quite the title of tourist destination 2016, to be discovered alone, in couple, with family or between friends. Whatever the time of year, in summer or winter, day and night, Lisbon always has something fabulous to offer and it is up to everyone to grasp it.