The West Indies: a distant destination, but easily accessible from Paris

In 1492, it took Christopher Columbus 3 months to reach the Caribbean from Spain. Even today, reaching the Caribbean by sea takes several weeks. All this to say how far this destination is from Europe. But contrary to preconceived ideas, the West Indies are easily accessible from Paris and getting there to spend a holiday is as easy as reaching La Reunion in the Indian Ocean.

Since man has had the brilliant idea of ​​inventing aircraft, it has become simple and comfortable to undertake long trips around the world. As for getting to the West Indies from Paris, it takes about ten hours by plane. It is very short of the three months that it took the discoverer of the New World to rally these territories off America.

As for the frequency of Paris-Antilles flights, it can be said that the service is more than good. Indeed, several airlines offer to reach the Caribbean islands aboard their aircraft. Some offer flights four times a week, others a little less and some slightly more. If it is assumed that four companies provide the Paris-Antilles junction, this gives an average of 16 flights per week.
In short, it is easy to get to the West Indies from Paris. The journey takes only ten hours by plane and in terms of service, there is no worry to be done. But once there, what can we expect? A single word is enough to answer this question: "paradise". The West Indies are true heaven on earth. The scenery is fabulous, people are wonderful, the sun is always present, the waters of the sea are blue, clear and crystalline, the sandy beaches are wide and sumptuous, and so on.

As of today, forget all the a priori that the West Indies are too far away, that they are difficult to access because they are poorly served by air transport, that they are "wild" places cut off from civilization, etc. The reality is quite different: the Caribbean is the next door, it is easy to find a flight to get there and it is not "wild" territories, but authentic paradises on earth.