The Cap d’Agde: a special tourism

Cap d’Agde is a Mediterranean seaside resort. It was built in 1970 as part of a project to develop the coastline of Languedoc Roussillon, and today it is one of the most popular places for tourists, fond of naturism. Indeed, the Cap d’Agde is distinguished from all the French tourist destinations by the promotion of naturism within the seaside resort. Here, it is not only a beach that welcomes naturists, it is a whole village that allows to enjoy the freedom to wander in total nudity.

The naturist village of Cap d’Agde welcomes every year thousands of holidaymakers who come here to spend a stay in total harmony with nature. It is a unique experience to enjoy the vast expanse of 2 km beach and bathing spots in the simplest device.

Several water leisure activities are offered to tourists at three beach locations: La Meridien, Gallon and Paralia Beach Club. In these places, we will meet young and old. Some indulge in lazing on the warm sand, others enjoy themselves in the water, others maneuver pedal boats and all under the close supervision of the rescuers.

Every December 31, in the middle of winter, the Cap d’Agde beach is the scene of the gathering of thousands of naturists, come to take the “last bath of the year.” It is a very popular practice in several communes of the French coasts, but it is only here that it takes place totally devoid of clothes, in the middle of a naked crowd. Nothing to compare to Ile de re, where it is hard to put a foot in)!

Some people think that nudity is the only rule to be observed at Cap d’Agde, but there are also several others. Access to the naturist village is highly regulated. Upon arrival, access forms must be filled in at the Entry Department, which is responsible for issuing a residence card to each holidaymaker. It is strictly forbidden to film or photograph throughout the area and, of course, integral nudism is strongly advised to be in harmony with all other naturists.