Annecy, the Venice of the Alps

Annecy is a commune of the department of Haute-Savoie, of which it is the chief town. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the mountain ranges of the Northern Pre-Alps, a few kilometers from Mont-Blanc, but it is best known for its lake where it is good to walk by boat or pedalo, hence the nickname ‘Venice of the Alps’.

As in Venice, Lake Annecy is a high place of Romanticism, except that here, in place of the gondolas, lovers sail on charming little boats or maneuver together pedal boats on the peaceful waters of the lake . In addition, the Pont des Amours is one of the mythical places of the city. The name is very evocative, is not it?

Nevertheless, Annecy is very different from Venice in terms of tourist attractions. The alpine landscape in which the city is located has something to do with it. Indeed, the mountainous massifs that surround the city are its main attractions, after the lake, of course.

Semnoz and Mont Veyrier are real stars and every day thousands of hikers walk the paths leading to their summits. From these heights, the view is breathtaking, the panorama is simply splendid with a breathtaking view over Annecy and the surrounding communes. One can even contemplate the Mont-Blanc from these places.

The city of Annecy itself also deserves a special mention. Apart from its emblematic and historic places such as the old town, the castle that overlooks it, the gardens of Europe, the Paquier or the famous bridge of the Amours, all the streets, quays and squares of Annecy are very attractive and have authentic charms. It is especially at night that these places unveil all their secrets to the delight of night owls, whether it is residents or tourists.

In short, Annecy is a destination where it is advisable to go if you want to spend holidays of dreams, in love, alone, with family or friends. During the day, boat and pedal-boat trips on the lake's waters are wonderful moments to consume without moderation, hiking in the mountains lead to incomparable views and at night, just stroll the streets to discover even more attractions. Between Annecy and St trop, hard to decide:-)