Holiday in France

"Trending" tourist destinations change every decade depending on the hotel and air development of a given destination. Indeed, the greater the capacity of tourists, the more they flock to this place en masse. This is the case of Nice, which in the last few decades has acquired the second hotel capacity in France and the second airport in France, after Paris. This is why this destination has risen to the same rank as its counterparts in Saint-Tropez and Cannes, now enjoying the status of trending seaside resort. And what's about Marseille? The main city of the Mediterrean coast has a lot to offer and you may be surprised how nice the villages around are. To find an accommodation there, the best is definitely my home in Marseille. The same if you intend to find a holiday let in Cassis.

Everywhere else in the world, cities and villages have understood the principle that it is necessary not only to over-ride the tourist assets of the region, but also to increase the capacity of reception. It is by adopting this strategy that Lisbon has risen to the top to be awarded today the title of "tourist destination 2016". More than six million tourists come to Lisbon every year and this figure continues to grow.

Speaking of communication strategy is important to emphasize that the most popular destinations today are mostly seaside resorts and it is precisely by highlighting the sun, the beach and the sea that they have become very popular places with tourists. Who has not heard of Cap Ferret, the Bassin d'Arcachon and the isle de Re, places where the sun shines almost year-round, heating the fine sand beaches on the Atlantic. A place for holidays, is not it? Once again, the website my home in ile de re is the right one to consult if you wish to pick up a good property there.

Other tourist destinations have preferred to rely on authenticity in order to convince tourists to choose them instead of going elsewhere. This is the case of Barcelona, ​​a very trending destination today and which attracts 27 million tourists a year. It is precisely by highlighting its typically Catalan traditions, in contrast to the rest of Spain, that this city has made a name in the tourist area. Indeed, the majority of visitors are there to discover these peculiarities, of which the bullfight is one of the main attractions.